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One year ago today I set foot in the city that would quickly become my favorite place on Earth. My time in Florence was unforgettable, life-changing, and simply wonderful. I met amazing people (that I miss dearly!) and did my best to absorb as much Italian culture as I could. I would give anything to travel back in time and do it all over again. It was the greatest adventure I’ve had yet and I can’t recommend spending time abroad more highly. Italy is a beautiful country with cities rich in art, history, hospitality, amazing food, and of course, great wine! I spent many nights roaming the magical streets of Firenze and am so grateful for the opportunity I had to live in one of the most famously inspiring places in the world. Miss my apartment with this amazing view and the people who lived in it with me. :) #takemeback #italy #studyabroad #tbt #italia #firenze #travel #florence #nostalgia #isa #asu #rewind #timetravel #adventure (at Memory Lane, Scottsdale, AZ)

UnderCover's Anti-Date Rape Nail Polish


Am I the only person who doesn’t think “the feminists” are being unreasonable when they say that this creation only furthers rape culture?

I think the point they are trying to make is that instead of having to pour money into inventing things women need to use to be overly cautious in our…

Agreed. I read this article: Warning, it will most likely piss you off. The ignorance of her argument and just the constant jabs she takes at “crazy liberal feminists” left me SO frustrated at the woman writing it. She was so mad at the “liberal feminist” but I couldn’t help but feel like everything the “crazy” one was saying was perfectly valid. And I agree with everything you mentioned. I get so tired of people acting like women are responsible for NOT getting raped. How about we teach people common decency and how consent works from an early age. Why isn’t that a part of sex ed?? I’m glad I’m not crazy for thinking this isn’t the ultimate answer. While I applaud these boys for looking out for women and trying to think creatively to come up with a solution to a serious problem, there is still a much bigger problem at hand and I just want people to start realizing that we need to attack this issue from a completely different angle. 

My life is so weird

Sleep is like fake. Time is so warped. I don’t even know when I went to bed, I woke up on the couch at 4:30 and moved to my bed and have been unable to get sleepy since then. Ugh. Just scrolled through my Tumblr up til January. I love Tumblr because I’ve got this great little spot to myself to record who I am, how I feel, keep life updates, and reblog little inspirations.

Happiest of birthdays to this stud! Glad we have each other out here in AZ. Wishing you the best in these upcoming months as we both embark on some new adventures and challenges. #birthday #celebrate #icecream #steakdinner #makeawish #candle #mill #family #bigbrother #arizonakids #summer #az (at Monti’s La Casa Vieja Steakhouse, Banquets and Full-Service Catering)

so the dark clouds have split

At least a little.

Though it doesn’t come anywhere near my dream job or the path to the ultimate career, a huge relief has come over me today since I have gotten A JOB. I go to orientation to start as a server at a cute italian place called ‘Sauce’ this Thursday. I’ve been having trouble even getting jobs like this lately and today I dragged my little depressed self to apply and got the job on the spot. I am so grateful for this (however small) step in a better direction. At least I won’t be completely broke and incredulously bored anymore—THANK GOD. I was like shaking and practically in tears walking out of the restaurant. I needed this BAD. So I’m excited to get started and hope this bit of help will get me moving in an even more stable direction! I’m only posting this on here because of my post last night and because I want a place to put my excitement. However, since my life seems to be radiating Murphy’s Law lately, I’m trying to keep this on the DL in case it turns out too good to be true or falling through somehow. But as of this moment, I think I’m in the clear and I’m ready to get to work!

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